Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine is a multi-specialty wellness center that helps patients improve their overall health through alternative treatment plans. Located in the heart of Ridgewood, New Jersey, near The Valley Hospital, the team welcomes patients from the surrounding neighborhoods of Bergen, Passaic, and Rockland. 

The team, led by Amita Kalia, MD, includes physicians, dieticians, mindfulness coaches, and massage therapists, to name a few. Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine is even home to leading yoga instructors and personal trainers to help patients achieve their optimal health and fitness levels.   

Patients of the practice can expect personalized care with a group of health experts who collaborate to tailor each patient’s wellness plan. With nutrition counseling, stress management, weight loss planning, and wellness visits available, patients can approach their health care in a whole new light. 

Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine specializes in wellness, where patients can undergo alternative treatments alongside their traditional treatment plans to help them throughout their illness. The team focuses on evidence-based functional medicine and getting to the root of a patient’s disease, so they can better find a customized treatment approach.

Patients looking for holistic, natural, and integrative solutions for health care needs should book a consultation. Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine offers convenient online and phone booking for all appointments for new and existing patients. 

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Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine
1124 East Ridgewood Avenue, Suite 103
Ridgewood , NJ 07450
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