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My name is  Dr Kenshuk Marwah, Opthalmologist.

I was almost 220 lbs.for a decade. I wasn’t able to decide how to lose weight. I tried all types of diets keto , gm etc . but nothing was helping.
Then I came across Dr Rubina Bhatia who has been a wonderful colleague in College and recently certified in Obesity Medicine. I asked her if she could help me . She requested me to undergo some medical tests before starting the weight loss journey. For the first time I felt like someone is approaching weight loss scientifically. Then I started following her advice about eating healthy food choices.
I shared with  her with my fears and my weaknesses and she helped me overcome them. Slowly I started to make healthy choices and everything started to fall in place. My weight started to fall and I felt more energetic. Now I choose healthy and aim to strike a healthy balance.
From 244 pounds to 196 pounds, now  I have started to cook for myself as well.

Janet Hamill’s Mindfulness Class was excellent. Her mindful awareness and teaching has assisted me at
home and work every day. Thank you Janet for your guidance!

I was very fortunate to attend Mindfulness in the Work Place facilitated by Janet Hamill. Janet is a role
model for mindfulness and a compassionate educator. Through this course I was able to practice a
variety of techniques to bring focus and centering to my daily life. I have been able to carry these
practices forward, resulting in greater resiliency and connection to others. In my role in the health
system I am able to teach both in the health system and in the community. Through these opportunities
I have been able to bring mindfulness to other care settings and it has been well received. Janet’s
mentoring and role modeling has been an inspiration to me and an asset to our community.
-Joanne Hannon, RN, HNB-BC
Valley Hospice Director

I’ve known Dr Bhatia for 7 years now as my children’s pediatrician and I was happy to hear about her venture into nutrition counseling and reached out to her when i was not successful on my own in getting healthier.
Dr Bhatia has helped me with daily accountability and motivation. I’m the type of person that needs to have external accountability in order to keep me going even if the scale is not moving.  She checked in with me daily to see how I was doing.

Through the review of my food logs, Dr Bhatia was able to help me identify areas where I could improve my choices.
She also provided challenges (such as avoiding added sugar) where I could push myself during certain weeks, and it helped me to further learn and become aware of my eating patterns and habits.
A big thing that she continues to encourage me to do as well is to focus on how I feel when I eat certain foods vs others (I.e. greasy foods makes me feel heavy whereas small portions and more veggies and fruits make me feel lighter). So I now try to make food choices based on how I would like to feel. It gave me a greater sense of awareness and I have become more conscious with my eating habits.
Thank you Dr Bhatia for helping me regain control of my eating habits and steering me in the right path! I couldn’t have ever gotten here without you!
Mrs. Thomas


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