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Everyone feels some level of stress from time to time, but ongoing stress issues can negatively affect your health and wellbeing. If you need help with stress management, contact Amita Kalia, MD, and the team at Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The team provides personalized stress management care in a warm and compassionate environment. Book your appointment online, or call to schedule your session over the phone.

Stress Management Q & A

What is stress management?

Stress is your body’s response to flight-or-fight situations. Though not every episode of stress means you’re in danger or exposed to a threat, stress can certainly put your body on high alert that something is troubling you. As a result, a surge of hormones — including cortisol and adrenaline — release that help your body respond to stressful situations. 

The issue is that regularly flooding your body with these stress hormones affects bodily functions. They can make your heart pump faster, which increases your blood pressure and stresses your heart. Stress hormones can even affect your metabolism and memory, among other changes.

The purpose of stress management is to put the brakes on these effects and help you manage stress in your daily life. After all, ongoing stress can increase your risk of obesity, heart disease, mental health conditions, and more. 

Is stress management right for me?

It’s never too soon or too late to get started on a stress management plan. The caring providers at Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine encourage you to schedule a stress management appointment if you experience:

  • Ongoing tension 
  • Poor time management
  • Lack of motivation or focus
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Avoidance of social or enjoyable activities
  • High blood pressure or issues with a rapid pulse

It’s also important to start a stress management plan if you struggle with depression. Prolonged periods of sadness and worry go hand-in-hand with stress, so it’s important to get to the root of your concerns early on. 

How can a doctor help me with stress management?

Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine is home to a team of stress management providers, including a mindfulness coach, nutritionist, physician, and personal trainer, among others. The team collaborates to help you learn ways to cope with stress and minimize stress in your daily life. Your stress management plan can include:

  • Biofeedback 
  • Massage therapy
  • Counseling or therapy 
  • Medication management 
  • Customized relaxation techniques
  • Nutrition and dietary counseling 
  • Exercise planning, including yoga or personal training

The team at Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine supports you throughout your stress management journey, so you can experience success throughout your path to improved wellness. 

If you’re ready to get started on your stress management journey, contact Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine today. Book your visit online or over the phone.