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Wellness visits are essential for preventive health care needs and ensuring you aren’t at risk of developing chronic issues (or intervening early if concerns arise). At Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine in Ridgewood, New Jersey, you can meet with Amita Kalia, MD, and the team of health experts to get started on a personalized wellness plan. If you’re ready to take control of your health, book a wellness visit through the website today. You can also call to schedule by phone.

Wellness Visits Q & A

What are wellness visits?

Wellness visits, also known as preventive care visits, are designed to help keep you healthy. Even if you don’t have any health issues now, chronic conditions tend to develop over time, so ongoing exams, screenings, and labs are important to keep you in good health.

Wellness visits are also about learning to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes into your daily routine. Whether you need to lose weight, get more exercise, or learn to control your portion sizes, to name a few, wellness visits are an ideal starting point for getting your health on track. 

What can I expect during a wellness visit?

Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine team members include physicians, mindfulness coaches, nutritionists, pharmacists, personal trainers and yoga instructors, and even massage therapists, among others. They collaborate to tailor a health and wellness plan that’s geared toward your unique health needs and wellness goals.

During your wellness visit, your provider may:

  • Evaluate your family and personal medical history
  • Calculate your body mass index (BMI)
  • Check your blood pressure and pulse
  • Go over your medications
  • Order routine labs

Your provider also counsels you about solutions that can improve your health, lower your risk of chronic disease, and help you manage underlying chronic conditions. Whether you need to get started on a weight loss plan, want to improve your fitness levels, or need personalized stress management care, the team at Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine can help. 

How do I prepare for a wellness visit?

Before coming in to Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine for a wellness visit, try to gather medical records from your primary care physician, or request that they be sent to the office. These records help your provider evaluate your overall health, so they can better tailor your wellness plan. It’s also helpful to:

  • Write down your dietary supplements
  • Know some of your family medical history
  • Write down any concerns, questions, or issues you have
  • Make a list of your prescription medications and dosages

Because a blood draw or urinalysis might be necessary, depending on your health, you might need to make some preparations. If you need a cholesterol or blood sugar check, for instance, you may need to fast for several hours beforehand. But the team lets you know if this applies to you when scheduling your visit. 

Find out more about wellness solutions offered at Functional, Integrative and Obesity Medicine by booking an appointment today. Schedule your wellness visit online or by phone.